ProActive is the name for the Physical Activity on Referral scheme in Somerset. The scheme helps people living with health conditions to become more active in a safe and structured environment.

Supporting people to become more physically active has many physical and mental health benefits, some of which include:

Through the ProActive Physical Activity on Referral Scheme, Somerset residents living with health conditions will be given the opportunity to improve their overall health and more specifically, be provided with strategies to manage or improve symptoms as well as achieve specific rehabilitation goals. ProActive uses targeted exercises prescribed by highly qualified Exercise on Referral fitness professionals to help participants achieve this.

This is what makes physical activity on referral a unique and specialist offer.

Download a copy of the ProActive Physical Activity on Referral scheme leaflet below.

Who is ProActive for?

ProActive is available to individuals who meet a set of eligibility criteria.

How do I join?

An individual will follow a participation pathway from the very first ProActive discussion, through to, and beyond, completion of a programme of physical activity.

ProActive Providers

These providers are assessed by ProActive to be accepted as safe and eligible to offer physical activity on referral in Somerset.