Referring into ProActive

Referrals into the ProActive Physical Activity on Referral scheme can be made by:

1) Healthcare and allied health professionals

who possess overall clinical responsibility for the referral. Professionals include: 

2) Specialist Level 4 Fitness Instructors

who have completed a programme of rehabilitation with an individual (referred via the NHS) and can use professional judgement regarding suitability for onward exercise referral. This may include, but is not restricted to:

If eligible to refer, the referral pathway should be followed, including reviewing the ProActive Physical Activity on Referral Criteria, completing the Referral Form, and ensuring the individual is able to access their chosen facility.

ProActive referrers must feel confident about the safety of the individual to undergo an exercise programme and ensure that contra-indications (stability of condition(s) and compliance with medication) have been considered prior to the referral.

Referral criteria

Referral Pathway

Referral Form & Guidance Notes