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The ProActive Physical Activity on Referral Scheme provides motivation, programming, supervision, monitoring, and/or choice of duration, frequency, intensity, and type of physical activity for individuals in Somerset to attain specific health outcomes.

SASP understands the important role referring professionals play in its success, with identification of individuals willing and ready to make a positive change being an important first step in the process. This step influences how likely someone is to engage, complete and reap the health benefits both in the immediate and longer term. 

SASP has been working with a clinical governance group along with Public Health at Somerset County Council to build and launch ProActive. All the details needed to refer individuals to this new scheme can be found below.

The benefits

Physical Activity on Referral helps people living with health conditions to become more active in a safe and structured environment. Supporting people to become moderately physically active, meeting the Chief Medical Officer’s 150 minutes a week, has many benefits, some of which include:

Through the ProActive Physical Activity on Referral Scheme, an individual already living with one or more health condition(s) will be given the opportunity to improve their overall health. They will also be able to improve symptoms related to their condition(s) or achieve specific rehabilitation goals through targeted exercises prescribed by Exercise on Referral fitness professionals. 

This is what makes physical activity on referral a unique and specialist offer.

How do I refer?

How do I become part of the scheme?

ProActive Referral Pathway

Referral Form

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