ProActive Providers

Providers are assessed by ProActive to be accepted as safe and eligible to offer physical activity on referral in Somerset. This helps to reassure participants that the service they receive is high quality and will make a positive difference.

ProActive providers across Somerset will offer different activities depending on the facilities available. Activities can include gym sessions, swimming and water activities, and exercise classes. Before accessing any activity, an individual must be health screened and inducted into the centre, with a personalised programme that meets the needs of their condition(s).

ProActive participants will all undergo a minimum of 12 weeks of physical activity sessions. Following completion of the programme, the referring health or fitness professional will be notified of progress and outcomes and individuals will have a physical activity plan designed with them which includes some next steps.

A list of all the ProActive accredited providers in Somerset is available here.

For further information on the scheme, please see our FAQs section or contact us using the details below and they will be happy to help.

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