How do I join?

An individual will follow a participation pathway from the very first ProActive discussion, through to, and beyond, completion of a programme of physical activity.

ProActive may be identified within health appointments whilst discussing health symptoms/conditions or individuals may see or hear about the scheme from other sources. Either way, an individual will need one of the professionals listed below to make the referral into ProActive.

1) Healthcare and allied health professionals

2) Specialist Level 4 Fitness Instructors

can include, but may not be restricted to:

Once an individual agrees to join ProActive, a Physical Activity on Referral Form is completed by the professional.  This is either sent directly to the chosen leisure provider using EMIS if the referrer works in primary care or using the online referral form, which can be found here.  Each ProActive Provider is numbered, and referrers need to use this number when making a referral, please click here for more information.  If an individual is undecided where they would like to attend, please select 0 – ‘Do not know where to attend’ and the individual will be contacted by our Physical Activity on Referral Manager to advise them. 

The pathway below sets out each step in the process and what the expectations are at each of these for participants.

It is important to note that when leisure providers will be contacting an individual to book an appointment or follow up, every effort should be made to respond. Failure to do so on three occasions will result in the referral becoming invalid.

Who is ProActive for?

ProActive Providers